MP Demands action to strengthen future of Lewes Victoria Hospital

Lewes Lib Dem MP Norman Baker says “Lewes Vic is at risk of being only a backwater under East Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust

The range of services at the Victoria Hospital in Lewes should be expanded according to Lewes MP Norman Baker. This could include a wider range of non-emergency work and perhaps provide the base for an out of hours service for our excellent local GP’s.

The MP is calling for responsibility for the hospital to be transferred from East Sussex Hospitals Trust, the NHS body that runs the hospital in Hastings and Eastbourne, to local GPs in the Clinical Commissioning Group that covers Lewes, in order to safeguard its future and ensure the hospital is used to its maximum potential for local people.

Norman says: “It makes no sense for the Lewes Vic to be run by an acute services NHS Trust covering the other end of the country. I opposed the transfer of the Lewes Vic to them at the time, and was told it was only a temporary move.”

“It is clear that this is an illogical fit, but it is worse than that. Firstly, the NHS Trust is very short of money and that makes the Lewes Vic, to which they have no loyalty and precious little interest, vulnerable. Secondly, the way the Trust’s management has been embarking on a quiet salami-slicing of the Eastbourne DGH despite massive public opposition has led me to conclude that the present management is not fit for purpose and should go. In short, I simply don’t trust them without very special Lewes Vic.”

“The sensible course of action now is for the Trust to transfer responsibility for the hospital to the local Clinical Commissioning Group, a body formed of our excellent local GP’s who have a direct interest in the Lewes Vic, who value its presence here in Lewes, and who are committed to its future.”

Seaford MP visits Horder Centre

Seaford MP Norman Baker has visited The Horder Centre which is run by Horder Healthcare, the charity that has bought Seaford Day Hospital.

Image courtesy of The Horder Centre, Seaford

Image courtesy of The Horder Centre, Seaford

He was given a tour of the orthopaedic hospital in Crowborough by Chief Executive Diane Thomas and Centre Operations Manager Jane Vince.

Horder Healthcare bought Seaford Day Hospital in November and plans to open the fully refurbished building, which will be known as Horder Healthcare Seaford, in July.
Mr Baker said: “I was very impressed by the facilities at The Horder Centre and it is very encouraging for Seaford people that Horder Healthcare will be providing new facilities in the town from this summer.”

Diane Thomas said: “We were delighted that Mr Baker could come along and see The Horder Centre and we are looking forward to opening our new facility in Seaford that we hope will play a vital role in the local community.”

Earlier this year, a public meeting was held in Seaford to hear the views of local people about the future role of the new facility.

Horder Healthcare, which this year celebrates 60 years as a registered charity, also runs clinics and classes in Eastbourne, Heathfield, Tunbridge Wells, Horley and Pulborough.

“Change parking rules to help local traders”

Lewes Lib Dem MP Norman Baker has contacted Lewes District Council to request reform of the District Council run car parks in the centre of Lewes, to help support local traders. Norman calling for change to parking rules to support local traders

Having been contacted by local constituents and traders on this topic, Norman is calling upon Lewes District Council to specifically look at at least one and preferably more “pay as you exit” car parks to help support the development of local economy and encourage people stay when they are visiting the town centre.

Norman says: “The rationale behind this is that under current parking rules, when people have to choose a length of time, they will hurry back to their car even if they wish to spend more time shopping. Under “Pay as You Exit” people would be encouraged to stay in Lewes for longer and spend more with our local businesses.

“This seems to me to be a simple way to help local businesses and I would encourage Lewes District Council to adopt this as policy for town centre car parks”










Local MP calls for Lewes District Council to mend Splash Point

Seaford MP Norman Baker is calling upon Lewes District Council to make urgent repairs to Splash Point, Seaford following damage caused by recent storms. The area is now gated off from the public preventing access, due to safety concerns.

This popular spot, where both visitors and locals can enjoy the coast, and during warmer months view the rare colony of kittiwakes, is now out of bounds after Lewes District Council erected substantial gates and fencing to warn people off.

The damage caused by the storms include the falling away of the path and the wall underneath has been undermined. Local residents are calling for these repairs to be made a priority.

Norman saysUnless action is taken to make these repairs, the problem is only going to get worse. We are fast approaching fine weather and holidays, when visitors to the area will want to be enjoying walks, views and the beach and instead will be greeted by a large gate and a lack of action. Lewes District Council must progress with this work to help save Splash Point and ensure the local economy is not affected by a lack of visitors to the area