• Helped secure the future of the Victoria Hospital and also arranged for new signs to be erected.
  • Secured the new cycle path from Lewes to Kingston.
  • Helped in the implementation of flood defences following the tragic floods in 2000.
  • Secured the reopening of Lewes bus station.
  • Continues to campaign vigorously for the reopening of the Lewes/Uckfield line
  • Norman helped to secure additional rail services for Plumpton and additional carriages on services to Lewes
  • Secured a £225,000 grant to a project to improve local cycling and green travel at Lewes station including a cycle hub for 200 bikes including cycle repair and maintenance.
  • Lib Dems in Government have given £2,501,195 to support local housing for people throughout the area. This includes bringing back empty homes giving the local construction industry a much-needed boost.