Lib Dem Achievements in Government

  • 2,700,000 of the lowest earners are being lifted out of paying income tax
  • 24,500,000 people will be receiving a £700 tax cut. For the average family we are cutting their income tax bill by a third
  • We’re cutting tax breaks for the richest. Someone earning £1 million a year is paying £281,000 more on their income during this Parliament than under the last 5 years under Labour.
  • By cracking down on tax avoidance and evasion, an extra £9 billion will be raised each year by 2015
  • We are creating the World’s first Green Development Bank, with £3 billion committed to get it started. Its work will trigger an extra £15 billion of investment in green infrastructure by 2014-15
  • More than 502,600 new apprenticeships started in 2011/12 which is more than Britain has ever had before
  • The Pupil Premium is giving schools extra money to help the most disadvantage children. In 2013 it will give an extra £900 for every one of those children, rising further each year in this Parliament
  • The state pension is now once again linked with earnings and thanks to the Liberal Democrat triple lock, there will always be a decent rise each year. The latest was the most generous rise in a generation and pensioners will receive, on average, £15,000 more over the course of their retirement
  • The recommendations of the Independent Commission on Banking to separate high street and casino banking are being implemented in full and without any delay to their plans
  • Whilst Labour closed over 7,000 Post Offices we are modernising them. We are introducing new services such as free cash machines. The new plans introduce employee share ownership for the Royal Mail and mutualisation for Post Offices.
  • 190,000 new affordable homes are being built over the next four years, the first net increase in social housing supply for over 30 years
  • We have legislated to let same-sex couples marry, and giving those religions who have asked for it, the freedom to carry out such ceremonies
  • We are introducing shared parental leave and a guaranteed 15 hours of free childcare for all 3 and 4 year olds
  • We have put an end to years of attack by Labour on our rights, and instead been improving them
  • We have scrapped Labour’s plans to expensive & intrusive mandatory Identity Cards scheme
  • Stopped the government permanently storing DNA of innocent people
  • Extended the use of juries in complex cases
  • Stopped the routine detention of children in immigration cases
  • Cut the maximum period of detention without trial to 14 days
  • Reformed Libel Law to protect people who criticise firms and academics who publish research

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